New IEEE Online Store Makes Finding Standards Easier

One-stop shopping for standards, handbooks, and more

5 August 2011

As one of the world’s pre-eminent standards-development organizations, IEEE has amassed a collection of roughly 1500 items, including current standards, older versions still useful for historical and other purposes, drafts under development, handbooks, and codes such as the National Electrical Safety Code.

With such variety, standards users sometimes have struggled to find what they need. For one thing, there have been several IEEE sources to search through, including the IEEE Shop, the IEEE Standards Association, and the IEEE Xplore digital library. So IEEE teamed up with Techstreet, a business unit of Thomson Reuters that specializes in the distribution of industry codes and standards, to create the IEEE Standards Store. 

“It will allow for a better experience for customers,” declares Christina Haberle, the IEEE Standards Association’s website and digital marketing manager.

The Standards Store features products chosen for their newsworthiness or breadth of interest, new products, and the most popular titles in terms of recent sales. The search window at the top of the website lets users browse IEEE standards or use the All Industry Info option to extend the search to standards and publications from the 57 other standards-development organizations that Techstreet handles. They include the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Deutsches Institute Für Normung, the International Electrotechnical Commission, the International Telecommunication Union, and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

“This is a convenience to the many IEEE standards users who draw on standards from other organizations as well,” says Andrew Bank, Techstreet’s director of business development.

Each product listed in the store includes a description, a table of contents, related products, and what others who bought that standard also bought. Products may be purchased as PDFs for immediate download, as printed copies that ship in 24 to 48 hours or, in some cases, on CD-ROMs.

“All the formats of a product are consolidated for quick and easy review and selection,” Bank says. Previously, each product’s various versions were listed on IEEE websites as separate items.


A Standards Tracking Service lets users sign up for e-mail alerts that inform them when standards or products they’re interested in are updated, amended, withdrawn, or replaced. There’s no limit to the number of products that can be tracked—which can include items from IEEE as well as other standards publishers. No purchase is required to use the service, but as a convenience to users, items that are purchased are automatically added to the user’s tracker list.

Many IEEE products are discounted for members. And a Techpoint Rewards program from Techstreet offers buyers points, redeemable for coupons that can be applied to purchases of Techstreet products.

The site explains multiuser enterprise licenses, which are suitable for corporations, universities, and government agencies. The licenses give customized access to multiple users in various locations, with automatic updates of standards that are amended, extended, or replaced.

In addition, the home page encourages visitors to participate in standards development, linking to the IEEE Standards Association, standards in development, and working groups.

“Working with Techstreet is a major step forward,” says Karen McCabe, staff director, strategic marketing and product management, for the IEEE Standards Association. “Techstreet provides a state-of-the-art system for managing our standards information and gives our customers a convenient, reliable means to access industry-critical IEEE standards products.”

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