New IEEE Xplore Subscriptions for Work Groups

IEEE unveils subscriptions aimed at small groups

7 June 2011

If you're running a smallish company with researchers who need access to a limited number of articles from IEEE's digital library, there's a new kind of subscription to consider. IEEE Xplore for Corporate Workgroups is for teams of up to 25 users.

Each user gets to download 50 articles per month from any IEEE magazine, journal, transaction, or conference proceeding, including their archives. Most of the archives date to 1988, and some go as far back as the 1880s. Each company's users have access to a shared online file cabinet dedicated to their company, where their downloads are stored and available to all of them. The annual subscription price of US $795 per user includes an IEEE associate membership for each researcher.

"They don't just get the information but also most of the benefits of membership, such as a subscription to IEEE Spectrum, the chance to join any of our 38 societies, and discounts on conferences and other IEEE products," says Karen Hawkins, staff director of IEEE product design.

The availability of the online file cabinet, which allows members of a group to share downloads, ensures that subscribers get the most for their money. Anyone in the group can open an article in the shared file cabinet, and it won't count as another download.

"Essentially, the subscription is 50 unique downloads per user per month, not just 50 views of a document," Hawkins notes. "This allows you to stretch your subscription and lets the group collaborate by sharing articles related to their project."

Another cost-saving feature of the subscription package allows users to pool each of their 50 monthly downloads. Say there are five subscribers, which combined gives the group 250 downloads. One person can download 30 documents, another 200, and the third 20.

IEEE also offers a subscription plan aimed at small firms and start-ups. With the IEEE Enterprise package, companies prepay for a certain number of downloads from IEEE Xplore. This approach lets them buy what they need, when they need it, and is significantly cheaper than buying the same number of articles one at a time.

There are three IEEE Enterprise options, each of which covers a 24-month period: 350 articles for $5495; 800 for $10 495; and 1900 for $19 995. Subscribers can also access all the backfiles for IEEE journals, magazines, and conference proceedings. Each subscription option includes an online file cabinet created for each company. A link to the company's file cabinet appears whenever one of its employees logs on to the system; whatever articles are in the cabinet are available to anyone at the company for the subscription period.

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