Society Offers Answers to Questions on Electron Devices

IEEE Electron Devices Society offers free service

8 August 2008

Getting answers to questions about electron devices and finding articles about the field just got easier, thanks to two services recently introduced by the IEEE Electron Devices Society.

QuestEDS is a free online question-and-answer service at Simply type in your technical question and add your contact information to the form on the site, and an expert will respond there within two weeks. (An editor will first review your question to ensure it falls within the society’s technical purview.)

Only society members may ask questions, but anyone may view the questions and answers. Questions are grouped into five technical and two general categories. The technical categories cover semiconductors and devices. The general categories cover educational activities and inquiries about society membership.

So far 15 questions have been answered. The information displayed includes explanations of the workings of quantum dots and wires, the best way to determine the average thermal velocity of an electron, and why the voltage of a p-n junction cannot be measured with a voltmeter.

ARTICLE ARCHIVES If it’s an article on a particular subject you’re looking for, you might find it in the society’s newly available DVD update package, which complements its archival DVD collection. The update package includes articles from 2004 to 2007 from four publications: Transactions on Electron Devices, Electron Device Letters, digests of the International Electron Devices Meeting, and the EDS Newsletter. The package also has author, subject, and publication indexes, and abstract pages for the entire EDS archive, all going back to 1954, when Transactions on Electron Devices was first published. The price of the update package for EDS members is US $30 and $15 for IEEE student members.

If you must dig deeper, the archival collection DVD contains papers from all the society’s journals from 1954 through August 2007. The collection also comes with the society’s 50th anniversary commemorative booklet and links to abstracts of articles in the Journal of Solid-State Circuits (1996–2003) and to proceedings of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (1955–2003) and the VLSI Circuits Symposium (1988–2003). The EDS member price for the DVD is US $30 and $9.95 for students.

The archive and update DVDs are available for purchase through the IEEE Online Store at For more information, visit or contact Laura Riello, the Electron Devices Society’s business administrator, at +1 732 562 3927 or at

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