Videos Train You to Search IEEE Xplore

It's now easy to pick up some helpful tips on finding articles faster

7 November 2008

It will take you only a few minutes to pick up some helpful tips on finding articles faster in the IEEE Xplore digital library. Eight new online videos can show you the ins and outs of performing basic and advanced searches.

The videos, anywhere from 80 seconds to 5 minutes long, cover such features as how to browse articles in IEEE Xplore, download citations, and set up e-mail alerts when articles you might be interested in are posted.

Topics for the videos came out of training sessions conducted by Rachel Berrington, manager of IEEE Client Services, in Piscataway, N.J. Berrington leads a team of client services managers who travel around the world to provide training sessions for organizations that subscribe to IEEE’s electronic library.

“The videos expand the reach of our training sessions and make them available to anyone at any time of the day or night,” Berrington says. "They're great for people we can't get to see personally, and good refreshers for those who attended a session but don't remember how to do something.”

The videos are divided into three categories: overview, advanced searching, and IEEE Xplore in depth.

The overview videos cover browsing content in IEEE Xplore and setting up e-mail alerts. The advanced searching videos cover numerous methods of performing more complex searches. The in-depth section covers using the AbstractPlus page for papers, how to find pre-prints, and using multimedia content.

Berrington encourages users to check out the video about the advanced-search function. This explains search by keyword, title, author, author affiliation, or other fields. The advanced videos also show users how to search among different types of publications, such as conference proceedings, journals, or standards. There are also tips on conducting complex searches, such as using proximity operators to find keywords that appear near each other, and using the "session history" function to refine and modify searches you have already conducted.

In the in-depth section, Berrington advises watching the video that covers how to find so-called "pre-prints," online articles that appear in IEEE Xplore before they are published in a journal.

"Many IEEE journals post their articles online right after they have been peer-reviewed and accepted, but many people aren't aware that these articles are available," says Berrington.

The videos require the Adobe Flash Player and a high-speed Internet connection.

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