Wireless Dictionary App Unveiled

Looking for IEEE standards definitions and terms? There's an app for that

7 April 2011

You can now have terms and definitions for IEEE's wireless standards on your mobile Apple devices and at your fingertips, thanks to a new app.

Launched in January, the IEEE Standards Wireless Dictionary contains more than 3200 acronyms and terms relating to wireless technology. Meant for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, the app can be downloaded for US $4.99 from iTunes by searching for "IEEE Standards Wireless Dictionary."

The dictionary covers numerous wireless areas including ad hoc networks, broadband wireless access, integrity/confidentiality, interference, low-rate wireless personal area networks, mobile broadband wireless access, quality of service, RF/microwave exposure assessment, specific absorption rate measurements, vehicular mobility, and local area and metropolitan area networks. The dictionary also provides source citations.

You can search the terms alphabetically, by keyword, or by IEEE standard number. The search function also automatically identifies terms as the user starts typing them in the search field.

For more information, visit iTunes Preview.

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