Why Millennials Should Consider Software Engineering

The field is in demand and pays well

13 September 2018

In a new era of growth and technology, we are seeing ample opportunity for tech companies to branch out and explore new endeavors. As newer technology emerges, the demand for software engineering is obvious—and only going to expand.


So what does that mean for this new crop of engineers? For starters, they’ll see impressive median salaries for software developers (US $103,560), system developers ($107,600) and application developers ($101,790). Furthermore, Bloomberg ranks software development managers sixth in its report on the “Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the U.S.” While that type of income is a great incentive for those interested in building tomorrow’s technology, as the field evolves, it creates opportunities for learning and adapting.


The rapid explosion of various technologies—such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and biometrics—has created an impressive array of job opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 24 percent increase in software development jobs from 2016 to 2026. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report suggests that software development is the best overall job in the country for 2018.

A number of tech trends highlight the need for more software developers in the workforce. Take blockchain. This decentralized technology has transformed into a dominant platform for users, and the potential for applications that rely on it will continue to grow. According to IDC, $2.1 billion was spent globally on blockchain solutions in 2018, suggesting that there will be future investment and development. Any solution that involves trust, consensus, immutability, or a permutation of the three can likely use blockchain.

In addition, as companies become increasingly automated, their customers are demanding more personalized service. For instance, software developers of chatbots must determine how to make those AI assistants personable, yet capable of handing over customers to human agents when needed. 

Technology is constantly expanding; what were thought of as mere possibilities only a few years ago are today’s realities. Implementations are light years different from only 10 years ago; for example, self-driving cars are on the road, ride sharing is commonplace, and digital currency is used for online transactions. Businesses are exploring new ways of providing customer satisfaction and health care is working to find new cures for old ailments. Today’s businesses are investing time and money into enhancing technology, and with that comes many interesting opportunities for software developers.

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