IEEE’s Top 10 Technology Predictions for 2018

Technical experts say we’ll see more automated financial services and mixed-reality environments

19 January 2018

To get a glimpse into what 2018 is likely to bring, IEEE asked nine of its technical experts from across industries for their predictions. Their forecasts include more virtual-reality applications in health care, such as for rehabilitation and the treatment of mental illnesses, as well as video games being used to train tomorrow’s cybersecurity professionals.

The experts project that automated stock trading will become more accurate thanks to deep learning and massive amounts of data being collected and analyzed. And mixed reality will change what it means to telecommute. Employees will have the ability to work in virtual spaces that combine augmented and virtual reality with physical environments, reinventing the office as we know it, they say.

Watch the video below for all 10 predictions.

For more tech predictions, visit IEEE Transmitter, where you can find trends in consumer electronics to watch for. They include more cars and appliances that talk, thanks to advanced natural-language processing. Devices that learn your preferences, habits, and behaviors also are projected to be on the rise.

You also can find what new tech is coming out of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, including personal assistants, medical robots, and wearables that can help athletes boost their performance.

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