Videos Explore Careers in Engineering and Technology

They explain what it's like to work in virtual reality and to develop smart buildings

30 September 2016

IEEE Educational Activities recently launched several videos as part of its Careers in 2030 Initiative. Its goal is to educate preuniversity students about the opportunities in engineering and technology that are available to them when they graduate.

In this video, IEEE Member Shamus Smith, a senior lecturer in computer science at the University of Newcastle, in Australia, shares how virtual reality can be applied to solve real problems. His work is focused on creating virtual applications for training people in dangerous environments.

IEEE Member Sohaib Sheikh, an IT and communication systems consultant for Arup, in London, discusses what it's like to work on designing smart buildings. He works on some of the most well-known building projects in the United Kingdom and Middle East, including Olympic and World Cup stadiums, large university campuses, and commercial skyscrapers. By incorporating technology such as environmental sensors, Sheikh helps the developers of these buildings reduce energy consumption and make the buildings more responsive to real-time needs such as improving air quality.

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