IEEE Launches Its Do-It-Yourself Project Competition

An opportunity for members to showcase their tech-inspired hobbies

5 November 2014

Image: IEEE

Calling all IEEE do-it-yourselfers. Would you like to show others your creativity? If so, then consider entering the IEEE DIY Project. Participants can showcase a technology they are working on at school or outside of work—such as an app, robot, 3-D printed gadget, wearables, or even a Rube Goldberg machine, if that’s what you’re into. The goal is to encourage people to build something from scratch and stretch their tech abilities to acquire new skills and knowledge.

To enter, visit the IEEE DIY Project (or The Institute’s Facebook page) and submit a photo or video of your project, along with a brief description on how it works. Be sure to tell a story by including what tools you’re using to build your device, where you’ve set up your “lab,” if you’re on a team or going solo, what makes the project unique, and more. IEEE will review the submissions and award a prize of US $500 to the entry of its choosing based on criteria such as creativity, relevance to today’s digital world, and originality. Plus a prize of $50 will go to three randomly selected participants each week. The final day to submit your project is 6 March 2015.

Participants can also submit projects that are incomplete. In order to win a prize, however, be sure to continue to update your submission with the most recent pictures or blueprints to show the progress of your work.

You’ll also have the opportunity to browse through what others have submitted. Even if you do not participate yourself, you can still “Like” a project, share it with others, or leave comments.

Engineers have already been sharing their DIY endeavors informally with IEEE via social networks, looking for a place to feature their work and gather feedback. The DIY Project provides a virtual community where people can do just that, but all from one place. It’s also an opportunity for engineers to come together and collaborate or help one another complete a work in progress.

Be sure to include a link to your DIY Project submission in the comments section below for a chance to be featured in our upcoming issues.

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