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CPMT Society Is Now the Electronics Packaging Society

New name better represents its diverse fields of interest including the IoT

16 November 2017
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The Importance of Diverse Teams in IEEE and Elsewhere

14 November 2017
Awards program strives to recognize innovators from all backgrounds and fields of engineering

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New Dean of MIT Engineering School to Prioritize AI Research

14 November 2017
IEEE Fellow Anantha Chandrakasan talks about the university’s 10-year partnership with IBM

STEM students working with mentors.


Five Volunteer Engineering Opportunities

7 November 2017
If you’re looking to give back, opportunities abound, from right in your backyard to all the way across the globe

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Q&A With Thomas Kailath: Recipient of the Marconi Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award

27 October 2017
The Stanford professor emeritus discusses his contributions to information and system science

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IEEE Fellow Invents a Neck-Support System for ALS Patients, and an LED Pioneer Is Honored

20 October 2017
Members who made headlines this month

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High School Club Builds Self-Driving Vehicle

19 October 2017
Sophomore Ravi Krishna discusses how the project teaches students about machine- and deep-learning technologies

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In Memoriam: October 2017

17 October 2017
IEEE mourns the loss of five members

Photo by IEEE Humanitarian and Philanthropic Opportunities

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Humanitarian and Philanthropic Opportunities Initiative Launches at IEEE Sections Congress

12 October 2017
10 groups showcase activities that benefit society

Photo of the Capitol dome.


Four Recommendations to Protect U.S. Citizens as AI Continues to Expand

11 October 2017
IEEE-USA committee’s position statement addresses R&D, workforce development, and more

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