IEEE Educational Activities Board Recognizes Top Educators

Awards also honor the IEEE Power & Energy Society and IEEE Eta Kappa Nu members

18 December 2018

IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards recognize and honor individuals and a society for major contributions to engineering and technical education. Awards are given for exemplary work in areas such as accreditation, educational innovation, service to the IEEE EAB, and standards education.

IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN), the student honor society , recognized three of its members for their excellence in engineering.

The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the IEEE Board Series at the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, on 16 November. Witold Kinsner, IEEE vice president, Educational Activities; Lorena Garcia, EAB awards and recognition committee chair; and Steve Watkins, IEEE-HKN president, presented the 15 recipients with their awards.

Jim Jefferies, IEEE president and CEO, opened the awards ceremony by reflecting on his time in IEEE-HKN when he was a student and how the honor society has grown since merging with IEEE in 2010. Additionally, he revered the awards as a very special opportunity for IEEE to recognize and thank the outstanding engineers, scientists, educators, and organizations for their contributions to our professions and to highlight the significance of education to the mission of IEEE.  


IEEE-HKN Distinguished Service Award

Stephen M. Goodnick

For exceptional leadership and long-term support and service to Eta Kappa Nu and IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu members, chapters and volunteers.”

IEEE Educational Activities/IEEE Standards Association Standards Education Award

Jorge L. Contreras

For outstanding contributions to understanding the interaction of standardization systems with intellectual property rights and educating students, policy makers and the public regarding these issues.”

IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement Award in Accreditation Activities

Richard Cliver

“For leadership in engineering technology accreditation, including activities to improve institutional accreditation processes and program evaluator training.”

Franc E. Noel

“For contributions to engineering accreditation globally and for leadership in IEEE engineering accreditation activities.”

IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement Award in Pre-University Education

Augusto J. Herrera

“In recognition of efforts to inspire interest in engineering careers among pre-university students in IEEE Region 9 through the IEEE TISP and EPICS in IEEE programs.”

Aravindhan Anbazhagan

“In recognition of efforts to inspire interest in engineering careers among pre-university students through the IEEE TISP and Teach for India programs.”

IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education

Boris I. Gramatikov

“For sustained contributions and leadership in continuing education and establishing the Continuing Electrical Engineering Education (CEEE) program in IEEE Region 2.”

IEEE EAB Society/Council Professional Development Award

IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES)

“For contributions to training and lifelong learning in power and energy.”

IEEE EAB Meritorious Service Citation

Tariq S. Durrani

“For sustained contributions and leadership to IEEE EAB by promoting and advancing education programs globally at the pre-university, university and professional levels.

IEEE EAB Vice President’s Recognition Award

Leon Ong Chua

For fundamental contributions to the foundation and advancement of memristors, memristive devices and systems, nonlinear circuit theory, cellular neural networks, as well as worldwide impact on education and training of engineers and scientists in the related diverse application areas.”

IEEE EAB Major Education Innovation Award

Ikhlaq Sidhu

“For contributions in entrepreneurship pedagogy and innovative teaching methods.”


IEEE-HKN C. Holmes MacDonald Outstanding Teaching Award

Ward Jewell

“For his dedication to student success and his caring, knowledgeable approach to teaching and mentoring at all levels in his specialization of power and energy systems.”

IEEE-HKN Vladimir Karapetoff Outstanding Technical Achievement Award

Mau-Chung Frank Chang

“For transformative contributions in undergraduate engineering education and for pioneering research in high-speed, high frequency semiconductor devices, materials, and integrated circuits.”

IEEE Life Members Graduate Study Fellowship in Electrical Engineering

Mohd. Toaba Umar

IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Scholarship

Hunter DesRoches

With the final award, Kinsner recognized that the field of engineering was changing and becoming more diverse and that women had a dramatic impact on the field. He challenged everyone to nominate two engineers for a 2019  EAB awards

Rachel Warnick is the educational activities board and project manager in the IEEE Education Activities department.

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