CPMT Society Is Now the Electronics Packaging Society

New name better represents its diverse fields of interest including the IoT

16 November 2017

The IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society has a new name: the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society.

The shorter, simpler name better reflects the society’s fields of interest, according to IEEE Senior Member Jean Trewhella, the society’s president. The society is involved in every stage of electronics packaging, including research, design, prototyping, assembly, and manufacturing, she says.

“Packaging is becoming more strategically important in the electronics industry,” Trewhella says. “It used to be that the goal in microsystems packaging was to protect silicon devices and prevent harm, but more technologists look to packaging as a way to interconnect dissimilar chips for peak performance.”

Another driver of change is the Internet of Things, Trewhella says, as sensors and communications systems are being embedded into more devices and environments. That sometimes introduces unprecedented requirements for the reliability of microsystems.


Discussions in 2014 and 2015 about the society’s long-range planning by its board of governors raised a number of issues. One was the realization that other IEEE societies were moving into packaging areas, even though the areas were outside those societies’ official charters. Also, microelectronics companies were putting more focus on packaging. And the terms components and manufacturing in the society’s name were just two minor aspects it covered, and the board wanted to place more emphasis on packaging.

In mid-2015 the society’s president, IEEE Fellow Jie Xue, appointed an ad hoc branding committee to explore a new name. Last November the board of governors approved a motion to change the name to IEEE Electronics Packaging Society. In June the IEEE Board of Directors approved the name change.

For the time being, the society’s journal will still be called Transactions on CPMT. The next gathering of its flagship event, the IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference, is scheduled for 29 May to 1 June in San Diego.


This is not the first time the society has undergone a name change. According to the Engineering and Technology History Wiki, the society traces its roots to 1954, when the Professional Group on Production Techniques of the Institute of Radio Engineers, one of IEEE’s predecessor societies, held an organizational meeting. That group changed its name in 1963, becoming the Professional Technical Group on Product Engineering and Production. In 1964 it became the IEEE Product Engineering and Production Group. A year later, that organization merged with the Group on Component Parts to become the IEEE Parts, Materials, and Packaging Group.

In 1971 the PMP Group became the IEEE Parts, Hybrids, and Packaging Group. The PHP Group merged with the IEEE Manufacturing Technology Group and in 1978 became the IEEE Components, Hybrids, and Manufacturing Technology Society.

One more name change occurred in 1994, when the CHMT Society became the IEEE Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society. That name held for 23 years.

Read more about the recent name change in a Q&A with Trewhella on the society’s website.

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