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President’s Column

Coming Next: The Internet of Everything

Detecting and nurturing breakthrough technologies is critical to the success of IEEE

7 March 2014
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No, Feynman Wasn’t Joking

13 December 2013
Our world, our knowledge, our responsibility

Let’s Get Together

16 September 2013
Collectively we can accomplish a great deal

“Futurecasting” IEEE

7 June 2013
IEEE needs to anticipate changes in technology and business landscapes

Humanitarian Technology…and Moore

8 March 2013
Consider helping your community with projects that are within your professional endeavors


7 December 2012
The topic must be approached by both the public and private sectors

Global Voices

7 September 2012
IEEE can become a greater force for change around the world

Make Yourself Indispensable!

7 June 2012
Engineers should accept responsibility for their careers

A Flatter World

5 March 2012
It’s time to address the challenges of universal access to technology

IEEE in Africa: Ke Nako! (It’s Time!)

6 December 2011
IEEE can serve a critical need