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President’s Column

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility

Who will protect our personal information?

8 September 2014
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Smarter Cities… and Wiser Ones?

6 June 2014
IEEE members must be part of the team

Coming Next: The Internet of Everything

7 March 2014
Detecting and nurturing breakthrough technologies is critical to the success of IEEE

No, Feynman Wasn’t Joking

13 December 2013
Our world, our knowledge, our responsibility

Let’s Get Together

16 September 2013
Collectively we can accomplish a great deal

“Futurecasting” IEEE

7 June 2013
IEEE needs to anticipate changes in technology and business landscapes

Humanitarian Technology…and Moore

8 March 2013
Consider helping your community with projects that are within your professional endeavors


7 December 2012
The topic must be approached by both the public and private sectors

Global Voices

7 September 2012
IEEE can become a greater force for change around the world

Make Yourself Indispensable!

7 June 2012
Engineers should accept responsibility for their careers