Are We Obsessed With the Internet of Things?

One blog uses humor to argue that the technology may be going too far

6 April 2015

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January, Internet of Things products were heavily featured. They included smart ceiling fans that communicate with the thermostat, connected flowerpots that water plants just the right amount, and a watch that helps park cars. Some, however, think IoT applications might be going overboard.

With the tagline “Connected doesn’t mean useful,” the blog The Internet of Useless Things parodies the enthusiasm of making everything—including our bodies—part of the Internet. It has dreamed up absurd applications that some might argue are not too far-fetched, considering what’s on the market. The fictitious FitSpoon, for example, is “a connected spoon that tracks your eating speed and compares it with others via a cloud database. When [the user] eats too fast, holes open up in the spoon releasing the contents.” Another is a pill that, once swallowed, live-tweets what’s going on in the digestive system.

The digital branding company Rehab Studios created the blog to help clients avoid the pitfalls of developing what it regards as bad IoT products. 

Is the Internet of Things being taken too far? What gadgets have you come across that you feel are unnecessary or even useless?

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