Dinner Without Digital Distraction?

In restaurants, some diners check in their cellphones

8 November 2013

A recent New York Times article highlights a new game some people play when they’re out to dinner: phone stacking. Diners put their mobile phones in the center of the table so as to disconnect and focus on their companions. Whoever takes a peek at their device before the bill arrives picks up the tab. One restaurant in Beirut recently offered 10 percent off the bill to those who check in their cellphones before being seated. Los Angeles restaurant owner Mark Gold says 40 percent of his patrons will turn over their phones to him for a 5 percent discount. He tells Huffington Post that “the offer has struck a chord with people seeking to connect with their dining partners, not their screens.”

Would you check in your cellphone while out to dinner? Is there any trick you have to break the habit of constantly checking your digital device?

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