Should Tech Companies Hire Hackers?

Several are recruiting them to identify flaws

8 December 2014

As more businesses rely on software-defined networks, the need to keep their systems secure becomes paramount. Google, Tesla Motors, and other companies have decided that rather than try to outsmart hackers, they will protect themselves by hiring them.

Shortly after hacker George Hotz dismantled the defenses of Google’s open-source Chrome operating system in March, the company hired him to join its Project Zero team to detect security flaws in its software. And in August, Tesla announced it would hire 30 hackers to try to break into its all-electric Model S. The Tesla electronics security team would be the biggest in the auto industry. With so much of the company’s vehicles dependent on software, Tesla wants the hackers to uncover any vulnerabilities.

Do you think companies should hire hackers to uncover security glitches, or should they leave it to their engineers?

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