Should You Track Your Kids?

New device lets parents keep a watchful eye and ear at all times

6 October 2014

It comes in blue, pink, or green, and looks like a pretend cellphone attached to a child-size wristband. But KizON is more than a toy. This new gadget allows parents to track their kid’s location and have a two-way phone conversation.

Developed by LG Electronics, KizON hit the market in July, designed for children ages 3 to 9. Using GPS and Wi-Fi, the device provides a child’s real-time location, which can be tracked on the parent’s smartphone. Parents can dial their kid’s device, or the child can press a button preset with a phone number to contact the parents. Should the child not pick up, the device puts the call through anyway and the parent can listen in via KizON’s built-in microphone. While some call this a great tool to ensure child safety, some argue that it sends a message that the world isn’t safe. Others say it may also violate children’s privacy.

Do you think parents should be able to keep tabs on their kids in this way, or is it better to let children have some independence?

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