The End of Limitless Data?

The largest U.S. mobile carrier is ending its unlimited data plan

9 July 2012

Verizon Wireless recently announced it will no longer offer its US $30-per-month unlimited data plan to customers who still had it after the company eliminated the plan last year for new customers. Verizon customers upgrading to a new phone will have to sign up for the company’s tiered data plans (none of which include a flat rate for unlimited data). Customers are worried they’ll be paying a lot more for less—especially those using data-heavy applications such as GPS, streaming video, and music apps.

The concern is that other U.S. carriers will follow suit and end their unlimited data plans, too. Sprint still offers unlimited plans, but T-Mobile already slows speeds once 2 gigabytes are used. AT&T continues its unlimited data for current customers but no longer offers it to new ones. Telenor in Sweden and most other European phone companies have already ditched such plans in favor of tiered options, and other companies slow customers’ speeds once they reach a certain data limit.

Will data limits change the way you use your smartphone?

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