History Repeating Itself

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6 December 2011

Some of the concerns expressed in “Going Electric: Things to Consider” [September] remind me of the concerns surrounding the advent of air conditioning 50 years ago.

In the 1940s, most houses were not air-conditioned. Our family’s home, on the other hand, was built in 1941 with central air. The large, noisy, piston-style compressor was fed through 30-ampere, 230-volt breakers. That meant our home needed 100-A, 230-V service. In that era, 30-A service was common, and 60A was considered to be a large amount.

After World War II, more homes were built with central air, and the local utility company had to upgrade our neighborhood’s service. The advent of the rechargeable electric car isn’t very different, but upgrades are happening a lot faster.

Bill Eccles
Terra Haute, Ind.

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