Letters: March 2010

Feedback from our members

8 March 2010

Accidents Happen

In “Honoring the Trailblazing Transistor” [December], I found it interesting that the Milestone plaque reads, “changed the way people around the world lived, learned, worked, and played.” Perhaps you have seen commercials from Cisco with the tagline, “The power of the network to change the way we work, live, play, and learn.”

In fact, in 2002 Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers, gave an hour-long presentation with that title. Aside from shuffling the order of the pursuits, the Cisco tagline and the Milestone plaque line up right down the line. Coincidence?

Al Friebe
Springfield, Va.

According to the IEEE History Center, which oversees the Milestones program, this is a coincidence indeed. —Ed.


A Bond in Broadcasting

I would like to express my appreciation for the article “Paul Cram: Engineering a Long Life” [December]. It is wonderful to hear about someone who made a real difference in the broadcasting profession and received satisfaction at the same time.

I began my technical career in broadcasting in the 1960s as a transmitter operator for an AM/FM station. While I understand the basic principles of directional antenna systems, it’s still a mystery to me how an engineer would approach their design. It must have been very satisfying to calculate the antenna spacing, currents, and phase angles, and then see the system actually perform as intended.

Jim Cook
Olathe, Kan.

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