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Eurodig 2015: Shaping the Internet Together

The annual event covered Internet governance in Europe

27 August 2015
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IEEE Roundup

Uncovering Forged Artwork with Neural Networks

26 August 2015
A new program can identify an artist’s unique style with 70 percent accuracy

IEEE Roundup

Ask The Experts: Startups

21 August 2015
Two venture capitalists and a patent attorney answer your questions about launching a company or product

IEEE Roundup

Beyond Illumination: Some LED Lamps May Be Tracking You

20 August 2015
Several companies are buying lighting systems with motion sensors that can transmit data about people’s activities

IEEE Roundup

Training the Next Generation of Brazil’s Women in Tech

18 August 2015
The Smart Girls Code project teaches participants to build mobile apps for smartphones

IEEE Roundup

IEEE Photonics Society Helped Establish First U.S. Photonics Hub

14 August 2015
The Integrated Photonics Institute of Manufacturing Innovation is expected to revolutionize communications, medicine, and defense

IEEE Roundup

Futurists Provide Insight Into the Technologies of 2035

13 August 2015
IEEE Technology Time Machine experts explore the future of computer processing, energy, and health care

IEEE Roundup

Top Five Issues That Affect Internet Governance

6 August 2015
Policymakers and technologists need to collaborate to bridge gaps

Question of the month

Should Salaries Be Based Solely on Position?

6 August 2015
Merit is no longer a factor for some employers

IEEE Roundup

A New TV Series Will Feature a Woman Engineer as its Main Character

4 August 2015
Hollywood is down to five scripts—which would you choose?

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