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U.S. Government Moves to Close the Gender Wage Gap

Requiring companies to reveal salaries by sex is one step in the right direction

11 February 2016
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Book Review: ‘Lights Out’

10 February 2016
Journalist Ted Koppel investigates how easy it is for hackers to break into utility companies

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The Benefits of Combining Applied and Basic Research

4 February 2016
This book excerpt provides perspective on how to think innovatively and discover new ideas

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Disney Accused of Conspiring to Replace Florida Employees With Non-U.S. Workers

2 February 2016
Two former tech staff members file lawsuits claiming the entertainment company abused the H-1B visa program

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Can Software Determine If Someone Is Racist or Violent?

2 February 2016
A new employee background-check program scans social media for red flags

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Which Engineers Make The Most Money?

28 January 2016
It depends on your field and where you live found the IEEE-USA annual survey

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How Engineers Could Help Unravel the Mysteries of the Brain

22 January 2016
An IEEE workshop focused on technologies that can help with neurological disorders

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Software-Defined Networks Will Open the Doors to Unimagined Innovations

19 January 2016
The IEEE SDN Initiative is helping to lead the way by developing standards and establishing a technical community and newsletter

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Virtual Reality and 5G Wireless are Among IEEE’s Picks for Top Tech Trends

12 January 2016
The IEEE Computer Society predicts these technologies will see traction this year

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Beyond the Hype: These Technologies at CES Can Help People in Need

11 January 2016
A wearable that helps people with disabilities communicate and a kit that helps workers dismantle landmines are among the award-winning devices

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