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Is It Ethical to Kick a Robot?

Videos of Boston Dynamics employees striking humanoid and doglike robots enraged many viewers

6 June 2016
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Ask the Experts: Artificial Intelligence

20 May 2016
Submit your questions to specialists in the field

What Will Become of Us When Automation Takes Over More of Our Jobs?

29 April 2016
Some argue we’ll have time to do fulfilling work, while others say we’ll become lazier

Can Virtual Reality Help Eliminate Gender Bias?

4 April 2016
Interviewing candidates through avatars could help more women land tech jobs

Can Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos Slow Climate Change?

2 March 2016
They and other tech moguls join forces to tackle global warming

Can Software Determine If Someone Is Racist or Violent?

2 February 2016
A new employee background-check program scans social media for red flags

Was Facebook Wrong to Activate Its Safety Check for Terrorist Attacks in Paris but Not Beirut?

7 January 2016
The feature lets people inform their friends and family they are safe

Must You Be Smart to Own a Smart Home?

2 December 2015
Some homeowners are overwhelmed by their new systems

Would You Take a One-way Trip to Mars?

3 November 2015
People could live on the planet as soon as 2026

Should Autonomous Weapons Be Banned?

7 October 2015
Leading technologists have signed an open letter seeking to stop their development

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