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Can Software Determine If Someone Is Racist or Violent?

A new employee background-check program scans social media for red flags

2 February 2016
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Was Facebook Wrong to Activate Its Safety Check for Terrorist Attacks in Paris but Not Beirut?

7 January 2016
The feature lets people inform their friends and family they are safe

Must You Be Smart to Own a Smart Home?

2 December 2015
Some homeowners are overwhelmed by their new systems

Would You Take a One-way Trip to Mars?

3 November 2015
People could live on the planet as soon as 2026

Should Autonomous Weapons Be Banned?

7 October 2015
Leading technologists have signed an open letter seeking to stop their development

Steven Kotler: Is Silicon Valley Ageist or Just Smart?

31 August 2015
The Forbes contributor suggests young people may hold a key ingredient to success

Should Salaries Be Based Solely on Position?

6 August 2015
Merit is no longer a factor for some employers

Should Video Gaming Be a Varsity Sport?

14 July 2015
Like soccer, top players could earn an athletic scholarship

Should Patients Have Access to Their Electronic Medical Records?

8 June 2015
The medical community is split on the issue

Can Our Minds Replace Smartphone Apps?

4 May 2015
Tech enthusiasts predict people will be able to control smart devices with their thoughts

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