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Four New IEEE E-books on Cutting-Edge Technologies

Explore the latest advances in the IoT, photovoltaics, and more

13 July 2018
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Artificial Intelligence

Haptically Controlled Robots Will Take On Tasks Too Dangerous for Humans

12 July 2018
With its sense of touch, Stanford’s OceanOne android can assist with recovery efforts on sea and land

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IEEE Young Professionals Empower Attendees at the IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum

6 July 2018
Sessions include how to burnish your brand and where to acquire leadership skills



2019 IEEE President-Elect Position Statements

28 June 2018
The three candidates share their vision for the organization

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Tune In to the New Podcast Series From the IEEE Brain Initiative

27 June 2018
Experts talk about tiny microscopes and brain-machine interfaces

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Nominations are Needed for the 2020 IEEE Technical Field Awards

12 June 2018
Submit your recommendations by 15 January

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IEEE Groups

Female Engineers: Be Fearless and Take Risks in Your Career

8 June 2018
Speakers at this year’s IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference gave confidence-boosting tips

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Calendar: June–August 2018

6 June 2018
A look at upcoming IEEE events

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Annual Election Begins in August

4 June 2018
Return your ballot by 1 October

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An Inside Look at Technology Used in Animated Films, Gene Editing, and Robots

31 May 2018
Presenters at the IEEE Vision Innovation Challenges Summit included Boston Dynamics, Pixar, and Toyota

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