Conferences: May-July 2011

A selection of upcoming IEEE conferences

7 March 2011
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Featured Conference

International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics

29 June–1 July

The focus is on clinical evaluation and promoting interaction among engineers, clinicians, and therapists. The conference includes sessions on standardization of rehabilitation robots, technology transfer, and assessment tools, as well as patient and caregiver testimonials. Other topics include assistive robotics, robotic wheelchairs, orthotics and prosthetics, and diagnostic and therapeutic robotics.

SPONSORS: IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

Rio de Janeiro
15–18 May

Covers analog signal processing, computer-aided network design, circuits and systems for sustainable environments, nanotechnology, sensor arrays, mobile processing, and energy-efficient systems.

SPONSOR: IEEE Circuits and Systems Society

IEEE Radar Conference

Kansas City, Mo.
23–27 May

Topics include radar systems, applications, phenomenology, modeling, and signal processing. This year's theme, "In the Eye of the Storm," focuses on the conference's tornado-prone location and the use of radar for severe weather analysis and tracking.

SPONSORS: IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, and the IEEE Kansas City Section


IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics & Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition, Asia

Jeju, Korea
30 May–3 June

Presentations cover power semiconductor devices and packaging, modeling, simulation, and electromagnetic interference. Other topics include reliability, machines, actuators, sensors, and motor controls and drives.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power Electronics Society

Pulp and Paper Industry Technology Conference

19–23 June

Sessions focus on changes in the field, maintenance, safety practices, standards and codes, and equipment upgrades in manufacturing plants.

SPONSOR: IEEE Industry Applications Society

IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conference

19–24 June

Covers all aspects of photovoltaic technologies. Topics include crystalline silicon technologies and thin-film solar cells made of copper indium gallium selenide, cadmium telluride, and related materials.

SPONSORS: IEEE Electron Devices Society, IEEE Power & Energy Society, and IEEE Photonics Society

IEEE-World Haptics Conference

22–24 June

The focus is on human, machine, and computer haptics. Tutorials and sessions cover the design of haptic interfaces, tactile displays and sensors, haptic rendering and virtual environments, and haptic cognition.

SPONSOR: IEEE Robotics & Automation Society

IEEE/American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics

4–6 July

Covers mechatronics, robotics, automation, and related areas. Topics include actuators, aerospace engineering, bioengineering, cognitive telemanipulation, data storage systems, and electronics packaging.

SPONSORS: IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IEEE Robotics & Automation Society, and ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division

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