Five Upcoming Conferences Delve Into the Future of 5G

The events will explore the Internet of Things, software-defined networks, and big data

14 March 2017


  • Rock Stars of 5G


    TOPICS: 5G applications for health care and manufacturing, wireless broadband technology, the IoT, data traffic management, smart metering, signaling, and real-time data analysis.

    SPONSOR: IEEE Computer Society

  • IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management

    LISBON; 8–12 MAY

    TOPICS: 5G and cloud infrastructures, software-defined networks (SDNs), wireless and cellular networks, fault management, security and privacy, network functions virtualization (NFV), machine learning, big data, and evolutionary algorithms.

    SPONSORS: IEEE Communications Society, International Federation for Information Processing

  • IEEE International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks

    LUND, SWEDEN; 19–21 JUNE

    TOPICS: 5G network design and optimization, IoT networks, cognitive communications, energy-harvesting wireless networks, big-data analytics, mobile cloud and fog computing, optical communications, smart grids, and e-health.

    SPONSOR: IEEE Communications Society

  • IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization


    TOPICS: Components and systems for 5G networks, SDNs, NFV, cloud and edge computing, the IoT, traffic engineering, self-driving vehicles, and pervasive computing.

    SPONSORS: IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Software Defined Networks Initiative

  • IEEE 5G Summits


    TOPICS: 5G systems, modeling and optimization of future networks, deep learning, IoT networks, mobile access radio networks, cloud computing, high-performance data management, robotics, and smart homes. Summits are being held throughout 2017 in cities including Honolulu, Istanbul, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

    SPONSOR: IEEE Communications Society

To find other events on this topic, visit the IEEE 5G Initiative’s website

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