Upcoming Conferences Cover the Latest Trends for Education

Events delve into MOOCs, computer-aided learning, and games

8 September 2016


  • International Conference on Information Technology–Based Higher Education and Training


    TOPICS: Massive open online courses (MOOCs), multimedia tutorials, distance learning, network-based education and training, interactive learning modules, accreditation, and virtual classrooms.

    SPONSORS: IEEE Education and IEEE Industrial Electronics societies

  • International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning


    TOPICS: E-learning, computer-aided learning, virtual educational environments, remote and virtual laboratories, ethics, education with respect to culture and diversity, the role of public policy in engineering education, and “flipped” classrooms. In a flipped classroom, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, carry out research at home, and discuss concepts in the classroom with a mentor’s guidance.

    SPONSORS: IEEE Education Society

  • Frontiers in Education

    ERIE, PA.; 12–15 OCTOBER

    TOPICS: Education strategies for energy engineering, software engineering, computing and informatics, and engineering design. Sessions are planned on engineering education for preuniversity students and programs that support engineering education research.

    SPONSORS: IEEE Computer and IEEE Education societies

  • IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering


    TOPICS: Accreditation and quality assurance, assessment and evaluation, computational problem-solving, computer-based learning, continuing education, distance learning, educational games, the Internet of Things for education, learning analytics and big data, and marketing and outreach for engineering education programs.

    SPONSORS: IEEE Education Society

  • IEEE International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation, and Technology in Education


    TOPICS: Evaluation and credit transfer of MOOCs, open-education resources, experimental case studies, use of mobile devices in education, virtual and augmented reality tools for education, and project-based learning.

    SPONSOR: IEEE Education Society

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