Stephen Welby is Named IEEE Executive Director

The IEEE senior member will start on 2 January

18 October 2017

Stephen Welby has been chosen as IEEE’s next executive director and chief operating officer. Starting on 2 January, he will work from IEEE’s office in Piscataway, N.J., succeeding E. James “Jim” Prendergast, who is set to retire that day.

An IEEE senior member, Welby previously served as U.S. assistant sec­retary of defense for research and engineering. As the Department of Defense’s chief technology officer, he led the largest research, development, and engineering organization in the world and oversaw an annual technology investment budget of US $12.5 billion. He also held senior leadership positions at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

His areas of technical expertise include space systems, robotics, machine learning, high-performance software, and sensor systems.

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