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7 February 2017

Did you know that IEEE launched a 5G Initiative in December? Or that the IEEE Big Data Initiative now offers an easily accessible Web-based repository of datasets, IEEE DataPort, which serves the growing needs of people working in research facilities and industry?

You can find out about such offerings by signing up for the IEEE Future Directions Committee’s free e-newsletter. It highlights what’s going on in all of its 11 initiatives, including ones for the brain, digital senses (augmented and virtual reality, and human augmentation), and cybersecurity.

Subscribers receive notices about upcoming conferences, courses, webinars, news articles, and white papers, as well as Q&As with technical experts. For example, IEEE Member Chris Miyachi, who chairs the IEEE Cloud Computing Technical Community, answers readers’ concerns about big data, the Internet of Things, and other technologies.

The IEEE Software Defined Networks Initiative published the white paper “Towards 5G Software-Defined Ecosystems.”

And the IEEE Sensors Journal issued a call for papers for its special issue on smart sensors for smart grids and smart cities. (The deadline is 31 March.)

Featured articles have covered topics such as the societal impact of autonomous technologies and how data analytics activities raise a new set of privacy and security challenges.

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