E-Books Roster Now Includes MIT Press

IEEE Xplore adds books on applied research

14 January 2013

More than 400 books from the MIT Press eBooks Library’s Computing and Engineering Collection have been added to the IEEE Xplore digital library. The MIT Press is affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the largest American university publishers. More than 40 new titles are added each year.

The collection includes handbooks, introductory and advanced texts, reference works, and professional books, all with an emphasis on applied research in areas such as bioengineering, communication, dielectrics, geoscience, power, robotics, signal processing, and transportation. Titles include Engineering a Safe World: Systems Thinking Applied to Safety, Robotics: Science and System VII, and The Voice in the Machine: Building Computers That Understand Speech.

Several titles have won the American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence, including Engineering Systems: Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World, Human Information Retrieval: Is Collaboration Possible?, and Press-On: Principles of Interaction Programming.

The e-books can be searched by title, keyword, or subject. Individual chapters from the books can be downloaded as PDFs. Related content from IEEE Xplore can also be presented along with the e-book title or chapter.

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