IEEE Press Book Sales Spike

IEEE Press had one of its best sales years in 2007

7 May 2008

IEEE Press had one of its best sales years in 2007, beating 2006 sales by 10 percent. Sales of Wiley–IEEE Press Books also surpassed projections for the year, by 24 percent.

This year got off to a good start. Sales at the IEEE-sponsored International Solid-State Circuits Conference in February, a major moneymaking event for IEEE Press, were more than double those of last year’s meeting.

There are a number of reasons sales have grown, says Steve Welch, manager of IEEE Press. The IEEE released new editions of two popular books in November: CMOS Circuit Design Layout and Simulation and DRAM Circuit Design: Fundamental and High-Speed Topics. “They’ve been selling very well,” Welch says.

IEEE Press is publishing more books that focus on practical topics, he adds. They include VLSI Circuit Design Methodology Demystified, which covers real-world circuit design and demonstrates practical ways to handle common problems, and Flash Memory Technologies: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Using Flash Devices.

Welch credits the practical books, in particular, for the rise in sales at universities and outside the United States. Sales to universities in March were up 9 percent over last year, and books sold outside the United States were up 19 percent. Another reason universities are snapping up the books is because “when possible, we include teaching manuals for the instructors,” Welch says.

E-BOOK SALES SPIKE Sales of IEEE Press e-books, available through Wiley’s Web site, are also up. The IEEE Press began offering electronic versions of all its publications in 2006, and since then e-book sales have doubled. Welch hopes to capitalize on the trend even further. “E-book sales are growing at a steady pace, so we are looking for ways to expand our presence in this market,” he says.

IEEE Press also is putting more books into production this year. Forty books are in the lineup, more than double the normal amount.

“I’m really excited about the future of IEEE Press,” Welch says.

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