Keeping Up On the Latest Technology for the Brain

A Web portal and publications can help members stay informed

15 November 2016

When it comes to learning about what’s going on in brain research, IEEE has a number of resources focused on the latest technologies. You not only can gain a better understanding of how the brain works, you also can keep up to date on advances that are improving people’s neurological conditions and even making them smarter.


The IEEE Brain Web portal presents a host of upcoming events, news articles, videos, and information about the IEEE Brain initiative as well as ways to get involved. The initiative aims to leverage IEEE’s expertise to advance worldwide efforts in research and technology through workshops, standards, and collaboration with industry, governments, and academia. The initiative was established by the IEEE Future Directions Committee, IEEE’s R&D arm.


Several IEEE journals and transactions have published special reports on the brain. IEEE Design & Test in its July/August issue reported on medical devices implanted in the brain. The magazine is published by the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society. The July/August issue covered designing and testing implantable medical devices, advances in scalable implantable systems for neurostimulation, and multichannel wireless neural recording architectures.

IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, from the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, regularly features articles on technologies for improving the performance of the brain and other functions it controls. Its September issue, for example, featured the article “SmartEye: Developing a Novel Eye Tracking System for Quantitative Assessment of Oculomotor Abnormalities,” in which researchers discuss how examining eye movements with a SmartEye device can lead to early diagnosis of strokes and other brain disorders. Another article in that issue is “A Spatially Focused Method for High Density Electrode-Based Functional Brain Mapping Applications.”

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems from the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society publishes articles on theories, design, and applications. One of its most-read articles, “Extreme Learning Machine for Multilayer Perceptron,” explores a new algorithm for neural networks.

The Proceedings of the IEEE is set to dedicate its next issue to advanced technologies for brain initiatives. And next year, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering plans to have special issues on brain-computer interfaces and on advanced technologies for neurorehabilitation.


Members can join the IEEE Brain Community to receive updates on IEEE Brain’s developments and to learn how to participate in meetings and projects. Joining is free. You also can find IEEE Brain on Facebook and Twitter. The initiative plans to launch a quarterly e-newsletter next month to update its activities and report on advances in the field. Members can subscribe through the initiative’s Web portal.

This article is part of our November 2016 special issue on technologies for the brain.

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