Spotlight on Four Standards: March 2012

Recent IEEE standards cover IT, the smart grid, power and energy, and exposure limits

5 March 2012

IEEE 802.22-2011
Released: July 2011

The IEEE Standard for Information Technology—Local and Metropolitan Area Networks—Specific Requirements—Part 22: Cognitive Wireless RAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: Policies and Procedures for Operation in the TV Bands specifies the air interface, including the cognitive MAC and PHY, of point-to-multipoint wireless regional area networks. The networks comprise a professional fixed base station with fixed and portable user terminals operating in the VHF/UHF TV broadcast bands between 54 megahertz and 862 MHz.

IEEE 2030
Released: September 2011

The IEEE Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology Operation with the Electric Power System (EPS), End-Use Applications, and Loads is aimed at utilities developing infrastructure road maps, manufacturers planning smart-grid systems and applications, scientists conducting research, governments crafting regulations, and organizations writing standards.

IEEE Standards Power & Energy Dictionary Application
Released: January 2012

Includes more than 3500 power and energy standards terms and definitions with citations—not found in any other single source, according to the dictionary’s authors. Available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, the dictionary allows users to search for terms by keyword or standard number, or alphabetically. The app automatically tries to identify terms when users begin typing into the search box.

Get IEEE C95 Standards Program

Released: 2011

IEEE C95 standards cover exposure limits and assessment methods to help protect against adverse health effects associated with electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields. A number of IEEE C95 standards have been made available at no cost thanks to sponsorship by the U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy.

For more information on these and other standards, visit the Standards website.

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