A GOLDen Opportunity to Celebrate IEEE's History

The GOLD Around the World event has IEEE members and nonmembers shooting short video clips

6 May 2009

It takes only a few seconds and requires just a video camera to participate in the IEEE Region 8 Graduates of the Last Decade group’s IEEE 125th anniversary project.

The group’s online event, GOLD Around the World, has IEEE members and nonmembers shooting short video clips of themselves passing a printout of the IEEE 125th anniversary mark to each other. The goal is to spread awareness of IEEE in an easy and fun way using the Internet, according to IEEE Member João Figueiras, who came up with the idea for the video project while attending the 2008 IEEE Sections Congress in Quebec City.

“Everyone at the congress was encouraging members to organize events that celebrate IEEE’s anniversary, and it just clicked in my mind to literally pass the IEEE 125th anniversary mark from person to person,” he says. “I would love to see at least one video from every country in the world.”

Figueiras’s expectations on the number of videos posted have been surpassed. “I wanted to have enough videos to cover the five-minute music track I am planning to play in the compilation video,” he says. “That has already been achieved.”

The more people shown in the clip, the better, he says, and filming in front of well-known attractions is encouraged. Videos have been shot in Boston, Istanbul, and London. Landmarks shown include a beach in Qatar; a mountain in Tokyo, and the IEEE Operations Center, in Piscataway, N.J.

To make your own video, download the IEEE anniversary mark from Gold Around the World, print it, and create a video up to 10 seconds long. The service mark should be front and center, and the printout must enter the screen from the left to the right. Approved video formats include AVI and MPEG/MPG.

Submissions must be received by 31 December 2009 using this form. By early next year, GOLD representatives will compile what they deem the most creative contributions, Figueiras says.

The video is just one of many events commemorating IEEE’s anniversary. See them all at the IEEE 125th anniversary Web site.

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