Calendar: December 2009 - February 2010

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

7 December 2009

11June 31 December

4: 1812: Peter Gaillard of Lancaster, Pa., receives a patent for a horse-drawn grass mower.

6: 1923: U.S. President Calvin Coolidge broadcasts the first presidential address on radio.

7: 1972: Apollo 17, the program’s final moon mission, launches from Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

14: 1988: The first transatlantic optical-fiber cable system, TAT-8, begins operating between Europe and North America.

17: 1903: Wilbur and Orville Wright complete the first successful motor-powered and piloted airplane flight at Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

18–20: Year’s final IEEE 125th anniversary celebration, in Ahmedabad, India.

22: 1968: The first live telecast from a U.S. manned craft in outer space is transmitted from Apollo 8.

29: 1891: Thomas A. Edison receives a patent for telegraphy without wires, involving wireless communication using an induction circuit.

31: 1958: The U.S. launches Explorer-I, which leads to the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts around Earth.


6 Jan
6 January

6: 1838: Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail conduct the first successful public demonstration of their telegraph system.

12: 1968: AT&T designates 911 as a universal emergency number in the United States.

17: 1706: Birth date of Benjamin Franklin.

22–24: Region 4 meeting in Dearborn, Mich.

31: 1958: The U.S. launches Explorer-I, which leads to the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts around Earth.


7 February

5: 1952: New York City installs the first electric Walk/Don’t Walk sign in Manhattan.

7: 2003: IBM’s chess computer Deep Junior and grandmaster Garry Kasparov end their two-week match in a draw.

9–14: IEEE Meeting Series in Atlanta.

11: 1847: Birth date of Thomas A. Edison.

12: 1960: Echo-1, the first telecommunications satellite, is launched.

20: 1962: John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit Earth, aboard the Friendship 7 spaceship on the Mercury-Atlas 6 mission.

23: 1927: U.S. President Calvin Coolidge signs into law the Radio Act of 1927, which creates the Federal Radio Commission.

27: 1891: Birth date of David Sarnoff, radio and television pioneer.

27-28: Region 10 meeting in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines.

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