Calendar: June-August 2009

Upcoming IEEE events and historical dates in technology

8 June 2009

ed 9 June

4: 1931: Hans Hermann Knoll and Ernst Ruska demonstrate the first electron microscope.

7: 1900: Birth date of Frederick Emmons Terman, 1941 IRE president, considered one of the founders of Silicon Valley.

9: 1891: Thomas A. Edison receives a patent for his improved wax-cylinder phonograph.

10: 1700: Birth date of Ewald Jürgen von Kleist, inventor of a device used to store electric energy, later called the Leyden jar.

13: 1934: Birth date of IEEE Fellow Leonard Kleinrock, developer of the underlying principles of packet switching.

18: Annual IEEE Candidates Night Q&A in Philadelphia.

19: 1902: Birth date of Wallace John Eckert, pioneer of the use of computers in astronomy.

21: 1781: Birth date of Siméon Denis Poisson, originator of mathematical theories of electrostatics and magnetism. 

23: 23–28 June: IEEE Board of Directors Meeting Series in Los Angeles.

25: IEEE Honors Ceremony in Los Angeles.

30: 1948: Bell Labs announces invention of the transistor.


11 July

2: 1974: IRE cofounder Alfred Norton Goldsmith dies in St. Petersburg, Fla.

7: 1916: Thomas A. Edison becomes head of the Naval Consulting Board, which advises the U.S. Navy on new scientific inventions.

11: 1979: Skylab, the first U.S. space station, disintegrates upon reentry, scattering debris over the Indian Ocean and Australia.

13: 1977: A power blackout in New York City lasts nearly 25 hours, affecting millions of people.

15: 1965: NASA’s unmanned spacecraft Mariner 4 captures the first close-up images of Mars.

16: 16–19 July: IEEE 125th anniversary celebration and Region 10 Student Congress in Singapore.

18: 1968: Gordon Moore [right] and Robert Noyce [center] (shown with early employee Andy Grove, later CEO) found Intel Corp.

20: 1937: Radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi dies in Rome.

21: 1970: Completion of the Aswan High Dam, whose hydroelectricity will supply half of Egypt’s power needs.

26: 26-30 July: IEEE Power & Energy Society celebrates its and IEEE’s 125th anniversary in Calgary, Alta., Canada.

29: 1947: ENIAC, one of the first digital computers, is rebooted after receiving a memory upgrade.


farn 19 August

2: 1922: Alexander Graham Bell dies in Nova Scotia, Canada.

9: 1892: Thomas A. Edison receives a patent for the two-way telegraph in the United States.

10: 1885: First commercial electric streetcar in the United States goes into service in Baltimore.

12: 1981: IBM announces commercial 16-bit personal computer.

14: 1959: The Explorer 6 satellite conducts the first telecast of Earth from space.

17: 1937: First test flight of airborne radar by the British Air Force.

19: 1906: Birth date of television pioneer Philo T. Farnsworth.

26: 1895: The Adams Hydroelectric Generating Plant, in Niagara Falls, N.Y., begins operating.

27: 1910: The first radio broadcast sent from an airplane in flight is transmitted over Sheepshead Bay, N.Y.

29: IEEE 125th anniversary celebration in Bangalore, India.

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