Calendar: September - November 2009

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

4 September 2009


97 7 September

2: 1987: Philips introduces CD Video, combining compact disc and laserdisc technologies.    

4: 1995: Computer programmer Pierre Omidyar launches eBay, the online auction Web site.

7: 1912: Birth date of IEEE Fellow David Packard, cofounder of Hewlett-Packard Co.

12: 1958: IEEE Fellow Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments makes a germanium IC consisting of phase-shift oscillators.

15: 1888: Birth date of Alfred Norton Goldsmith, cofounder and 1928 president of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE).

16: IEEE 125th anniversary celebration in Mountain View, Calif.

20: 1954: IBM runs the first Mathematical Formula Translating System computer program, known as Fortran.

25: 25–26 September: Region 6 meeting in Seattle.

29: IEEE 125th anniversary celebration in Toronto.


7 October

1: 1949: Kimble Glass Co. delivers the first practical rectangular television tubes in the United States.

2: 1903: Commonwealth Edison Co., in Chicago, begins operating the first large-capacity steam turbine to generate electricity.

4: 1854: Birth date of Michael E. Pupin, inventor of the loading coil and president of the IRE and American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

7: IEEE 125th anniversary celebration in London.

10: 10–11 October: Region 8 meeting in Lisbon.

16: 16–18 October: Region 7 meeting in London, Ont., Canada.

21: 1925: The first U.S.-made photocell is demonstrated by Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. in New York City.

22: 1955: ENIAC, the first all-electronic computer, ends operation after a decade of service.

23: IEEE 125th anniversary celebration in Tokyo.

28: 1971: Great Britain’s Prospero satellite is launched to test solar cells.


1115 15 August

6: 1923: Jacob Schick receives a patent for the first electric shaver.

12: 12–15 November: Region 9 IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade and Women in Engineering meeting in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

15: 1971: Intel releases the C4004 microprocessor, the first commercial single-chip microprocessor.

18: 18–23 November: IEEE Meeting Series in New Brunswick, N.J.

20: 1923: Garrett A. Morgan Sr. receives a patent for a three-position traffic signal.

24: 1969: Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the surface of the moon, successfully returns to Earth.

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