Calendar: June - August 2011

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

7 June 2011

2: 1883: The first U.S. electric elevated train makes its inaugural journey in Chicago.

8: 1832: Birth date of Sir Charles Tilston Bright, the telegraph engineer in charge of laying the first transatlantic cable.

Photo: American Stock/Getty Images

9: 1891: Thomas Edison is issued a patent for a phonograph improvement.

16: 1949: The first gas turbine-electric locomotive is demonstrated in Erie, Pa.

21: 1781: Birth date of Siméon Denis Poisson, who came up with one of the first mathematical theories of electrostatics and magnetism.

Image: Science Photo Library/Photo Researchers

22-27: IEEE Meeting Series in Bellevue, Wash.

30: 1948: Bell Telephone Labs announces the invention of the transistor.


July4 Photo: NASA

4: 1968: Explorer 38, an unmanned U.S. spacecraft, is launched to measure galactic radio sources and study low frequencies in space.

10: 1962: Telstar 1, the first active communications satellite, is launched.

July13 Photo: Daily News/Getty Images

13: 1977: A New York City-area blackout lasting nearly 25 hours affects millions of residents and leads to more than US $100 million in estimated losses from looting.

17: 1850: The Harvard Observatory takes the first photograph of a star.

July21 Photo: AFP/Getty Images

21: 1970: The Aswan High Dam in Egypt is completed.

31: 1964: Ranger 7, an 8-foot-high unmanned spacecraft carrying 6 TV cameras, transmits more than 4000 pictures of the Moon before, as planned, crashing into its surface.


3: 1926: The first traffic lights in Great Britain are installed at Piccadilly Circus in London.

4: 1922: Two days after Alexander Graham Bell's death, all phones in the United States and Canada served by the Bell System go dead for one minute in his honor.

10: 1885: The United States' first commercial electric streetcar goes into service in Baltimore.

aug15 Photo: Getty Images

15: 1998: Apple begins shipping its iMac personal computer.

19-22: IEEE Sections Congress in San Francisco.

20: IEEE Honors Ceremony at Sections Congress in San Francisco.

aug20 Photo: iStockphoto

21: 1883: Installation of the first electric lighting on a U.S. Navy ship is completed on the USS Trenton.

28: 1964: First weather satellite to transmit nighttime cloud photos is launched.

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