Articles for May 2008

Conference Focuses on Effects of Radiation

7 May 2008
NSREC is still the only U.S. conference that covers space radiation effects in detail

Discount on Training for System Analysts

7 May 2008
Systems analysts and IT managers can receive a 10 percent discount on individual courses and a certificate program

Certification Programs Aimed at Wireless and Software Engineers

7 May 2008
Two IEEE societies develop new certification programs and make improvements to an existing one

Many Firsts for Region 10 Student Congress

7 May 2008
This year’s Region 10 Student Congress had the largest turnout ever

Members Make Things Smaller, Cheaper, Stickier

7 May 2008
Their work results incredibly small computer chips, new adhesive material, and more

Nanotechnology Explained

7 May 2008
IEEE sponsors an online seminar to help young professionals get a handle on the field

IEEE Foundation Funds Nine Projects

7 May 2008
At its March meeting, the foundation awarded grants worth more than US $170 000

First Long-Distance Voice Transmission Is Newest IEEE Milestone

7 May 2008
The spot in Canada where the first long-distance voice transmission was honored this month

Robot Romance

7 May 2008
Feedback from our members

How Bad Do Engineering Students Have It?

7 May 2008
A blogger on recently posted the “Top 5 Reasons it Sucks to be an Engineering Student"

Achievements: May 2008

7 May 2008
The following IEEE members recently were recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

IEEE Press Book Sales Spike

7 May 2008
IEEE Press had one of its best sales years in 2007

Four Schools in Uruguay to Get Access to IEEE Information

7 May 2008
Uruguay’s telecommunications giant helps universities pay for a subscription to the IEEE/IET Electronic Library

Update Your Profile, Get Ready to Vote

27 May 2008
The annual IEEE election is around the corner

University of North Texas Wins Programming Contest

16 May 2008
The IEEEXtreme Programming Contest—a 24-hour, online worldwide student challenge— was held on 8 March

Tutorials Explain Intellectual Property Rights

7 May 2008
Presentations explain IPR topics simply, minus the typical legal jargon

"Nerd Girls" TV Program Challenges Stereotypes

7 May 2008 features a reality show about a team of female engineering students trying to build a solar car

Engineering for Social Change

7 May 2008
Member helps develop a computational screening system for detecting autism early in children

Society Recognitions

7 May 2008
Senior Member Saman Adham received the J

Student Branches Celebrate Pi Day

7 May 2008
It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since physicist and “Prince of Pi” Larry Shaw launched Pi Day at the San Francisco Exploratorium, parading around a Pi Shrine and eating fruit and pizza pies

In Memoriam: May 2008

7 May 2008
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members