Articles for August 2013

Communication Device for Deaf and Blind Wins IEEE Presidents' Scholarship

14 August 2013
Teenager’s system uses a cellphone and glove embedded with vibrating sensors

Achievements: August 2013

28 August 2013
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

Society Spotlight: IEEE Photonics Society

21 August 2013
Several new projects are under way

Educational Calculator Makes Students Think

7 August 2013
Device can do arithmetic and trig—but only if the user understands how

Educational Calculator's Instructional Video

7 August 2013
A step-by-step video guide on how to use the QAMA device

Google Apps Tutorials

14 August 2013
Take a look at what the new tools can do for you

The Evolving Cloud Agenda

21 August 2013
MIT symposium brings together leaders in cloud computing

Solar Energy and Recyclables: A Winning Combination

7 August 2013
Students compete to solve India’s electricity concerns

For Emerging Markets, a Focus on the Cloud

21 August 2013
The cloud will allow many countries to leapfrog current technology

Gujarat Technological University to Become IEEE Education Provider

21 August 2013
School will offer IEEE Computer Society’s certification programs and more

Prosthetic Limbs Offer a Sense of Touch

7 August 2013
Sensory technology could allow patients with prosthetic limbs to feel contact

A Look Inside IEEE Xplore: Cybersecurity

7 August 2013
A spotlight on one of the three million full-text articles in the digital library

Janet Barth: Nurturing a Society

21 August 2013
This senior member is taking the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society to the next level

Midlife Career Change

21 August 2013
Find out about resources to help you pursue engineering later in life

What If the Internet Crashed?

26 August 2013
TED Talk discusses a Plan B to Internet

IEEE Overhauls its Mentoring Program

21 August 2013
MentorCentre helps mentees meet their ideal match

In Memoriam: August 2013

28 August 2013
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

Could You Unplug?

7 August 2013
Adults head to camp for a four-day break from technology

Preparing the Path for More Efficient Data Centers

7 August 2013
IEEE standards project to help data centers handle more traffic at a lower cost

Software-Defined Networks Explained

7 August 2013
This new approach might be the future of computer networks

The Evolution of Hearing Aids

7 August 2013
A slideshow on the history of hearing devices

IEEE Photonics Society Joins With Others to Shine a Light Onto Its Field

21 August 2013
Leading U.S. societies band together to seek more investment

IEEE eLearning Library Offers 10 New Courses

7 August 2013
Lectures on leadership development and electric cars

Science Fairs 2.0

14 August 2013
From street festivals to high-tech fairs, students embrace invention

Why Conferences Matter

27 August 2013
More than a standalone, live events provide lasting impressions and ongoing opportunities

Google Apps Now Available to IEEE Members

14 August 2013
Users can do more than just send e-mail

A Trio of Brainiacs

7 August 2013
Three neuroscience experts are among the 2013 class of IEEE Fellows

A Prosthetic Limb at Work

14 August 2013
See the advancements of artificial hands

Did You Know? Edison Coined the Term “Bug”

23 August 2013
Bugs have plagued technologists for centuries