Articles for February 2014

IEEE RésuméLab Helps Prepare You to Find Jobs

7 February 2014
New online tool helps polish work histories, build interview skills

Testing Facilities Replicate Conditions at Sea

7 February 2014
U.K. research centers provide a safe place to try out marine energy technologies

What Makes a Good STEM Mentor?

7 February 2014
Guiding the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math professionals

IEEE Power & Energy Society Celebrates Conference’s 50 Years

14 February 2014
Its flagship conference and exhibition will look at innovations past and future

Recipients of the 2014 Medals and Awards

14 February 2014
Sixty-one people and one organization received IEEE’s highest honors

Driving Freedom: Black Boxes Still Lack Consumer Protection

12 February 2014
IEEE offers a solution as congress wrestles with privacy issues

Keeping Your Car’s Data Private

7 February 2014
IEEE standard protects from prying eyes the information being recorded

Achievements: February 2014

28 February 2014
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

In Memoriam: February 2014

28 February 2014
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members in the Classroom

7 February 2014
How educators are making the most of IEEE’s videos

IEEE Sections Congress Aims to Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders

21 February 2014
New meeting formats plus a mobile app to simplify logistics

The Institute Launches a Mobile Edition

5 February 2014
A user-friendly site for readers on the go

Black Boxes Make Headlines in Recent News

20 February 2014
One IEEE member weighs in on growing concerns over data collection in cars

The First Phone Designed With Privacy in Mind

26 February 2014
The Blackphone makes its debut this week

Call for Nominations: 2014 Women in Engineering Awards

7 February 2014
Nominate outstanding WIE members, groups, or student branches

Students Develop an At-home Diagnostic Tool

14 February 2014
The device could help those with limited access to health care

Ask the Expert: The Internet of Things

24 February 2014
Two IEEE members will answer your question on this emerging area

Do Engineers Need Empathy?

7 February 2014
Study reveals that today’s U.S. engineering grads lack compassion

IEEE Women in Engineering Committee Celebrates 20 Years

7 February 2014
A leadership conference, new awards, and more are being rolled out

IEEE Fellows Champion the Cause of Women Engineers

7 February 2014
These three work to increase the number of women engineers

IEEE Milestone Recognizes the AIEE’s First Technical Meeting

14 February 2014
The American Institute of Electrical Engineers convened 130 years ago

Toshiba Puts Durability to the Test

5 February 2014
Amusing videos show what the company's laptops can withstand

Join The Institute’s Blogging Community

10 February 2014
An open invitation to share your thoughts on technology

Missy Cummings: Drone Advocate

21 February 2014
This former fighter pilot wants automated systems to take the stick

IEEE in 1993

12 February 2014
Video provides a flashback of the organization's plans for the future

Follow Us to South by Southwest

20 February 2014
The interactive conference brings together tens of thousands of techies

Maximizing the Value of a Technology Company

18 February 2014
What engineers can do to boost their businesses

Low Completion Rates for MOOCs

3 February 2014
New studies show users lack motivation to complete the massive open online courses

Photo: IEEE

Call Us IEEE Young Professionals, Please

21 February 2014
New name for IEEE GOLD group looks to resonate more with members

A New Headpiece Could Provide Targeted Depression Treatment

21 February 2014
An electric stimulation device might lead to more effective results

Singapore Hosts Global Young Scientists Summit

26 February 2014
The conference brought together some of the most brilliant minds in technology