Articles for November 2014

IEEE Xplore Adds E-book Collection

14 November 2014
From Morgan & Claypool, the books explain an array of research in science and technology

Smart Electricity for Emerging Markets

21 November 2014
Conference in Mumbai brings together leaders in the field

IEEE Launches Its Do-It-Yourself Project Competition

5 November 2014
An opportunity for members to showcase their tech-inspired hobbies

Computer Science Classes for Kids Becoming Mandatory

21 November 2014
Countries are requiring coding to be taught in primary schools

Ask The Experts: Software-Defined Networks

20 November 2014
Two IEEE leaders in this field are here to answer your questions

Rocky Mountain Institute Sets Bold Goals for Energy Efficiency

21 November 2014
Entrepreneurial nonprofit believes going green can improve the bottom line

10 Recommendations for Avoiding Software Security Design Flaws

7 November 2014
The new IEEE Center for Secure Design issues a report from the experts

Achievements: November 2014

28 November 2014
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

The Legacy of Alan Turing and The Imitation Game

18 November 2014
New movie depicts the mathematician’s heroism cracking the German Enigma Code, yet he had his own tragic life story

What’s in Store Next Year for the IEEE Young Professionals

7 November 2014
The group will focus on entrepreneurship and global community

Honoring Life Fellow B. Jayant Baliga

6 November 2014
Semiconductor pioneer teaches us the importance of hard work and support

IEEE Supports the Eurelectric Annual Convention

17 November 2014
The event promotes a sustainable energy future for Europe

Keeping the Lights On

7 November 2014
IEEE Fellows are working on smart-grid and renewable-energy technologies

IEEE Day Inspires Celebrations Worldwide

14 November 2014
Workshops and humanitarian efforts were some of the activities

Telecommunications Engineering Is Now a Distinct Education Discipline

21 November 2014
The IEEE Communications Society led the effort to get the course recognized

Why Conferences Matter: The Global Technical Community

7 November 2014
IEEE members share how conferences have elevated their careers

In Memoriam: November 2014

28 November 2014
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

The Imitation Game: A Trailer

20 November 2014
The Hollywood film depicts the life of World War II code breaker Alan Turing

Would You Take a Pay Cut to Learn New Skills?

7 November 2014
IBM is reducing salaries while employees attend training programs

Tanuja Ganu Working to Fix India's Notoriously Unstable Power Grid

11 November 2014
The IEEE member was recognized as a top innovator under the age of 35

Protecting Intellectual Property With the Growth of 3-D Printing

12 November 2014
IEEE senior member and lawyer discusses legal concerns for the technology

Ten Technologies That Could Change the World By 2022

12 November 2014
IEEE Computer Society predicts the future state of computing

Pioneer of Video Games Still Inventing

26 November 2014
IEEE Fellow Ralph Baer continues to work on technology at the age of 91

Job Candidates: Here’s What to Ask in Interviews

7 November 2014
Recruiters say hiring managers should not be the only ones to ask tough questions

Tanuja Ganu: Taking the Load Off India’s Power Grid

7 November 2014
This IEEE member developed a gadget to help evenly distribute electricity

Layer-by-Layer: The Evolution of 3-D Printing

14 November 2014
IEEE member Charles Hull invented the original process in 1983

3-D Printing Opens Products to Counterfeiting

7 November 2014
Companies plan to protect themselves with several new techniques

Building Energy-Efficient Data Centers

13 November 2014
Advanced cooling systems alone could dramatically improve conditions and reduce costs

Son’s Quest to Get Father of Video Games Elevated to IEEE Fellow

25 November 2014
Being named an IEEE Fellow is a highlight of Ralph Baer’s illustrious career

Retrofitting the Empire State Building

24 November 2014
The Rocky Mountain Institute has helped the iconic skyscraper go green


1 November 2014
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