Articles for May 2014

Are Recent Grads Working on What Matters?

7 May 2014
Young engineers tend to ignore old-guard technology companies

Getting Your Résumé to the Top of the Pile

7 May 2014
Recruiters say a well-written résumé can trump credentials

Iconic Microphone Is Named an IEEE Milestone

21 May 2014
The Shure Unidyne mic has been the standard since 1939

Games From the Masters

7 May 2014
Video and computer games got a big boost from these IEEE Fellows

A New Tool to Aid Urban Rescue Teams

2 May 2014
This system makes it easier to locate people and things

Most Widely Adopted Safety Code Celebrates 100 Years

14 May 2014
The National Electrical Safety Code has saved lives around the world

Solar Cell Researchers’ Days in the Sun

7 May 2014
Conference brings together photovoltaic scientists

Interview Etiquette: Remembering to Say Thank You

8 May 2014
How small gestures can lead people to bigger career opportunities

Survey Shows Most Associate Invention and Innovation With Engineers

15 May 2014
Engineering has more impact on society than other professions

Jan Brown: Early Supporter of Women in Science and Engineering

7 May 2014
She is one of the founders of the IEEE Women in Engineering committee

IEEE Job Site Gets a Revamp

14 May 2014
The site boasts a simpler design, more tools

The Keys to Successful Leadership for Engineers

13 May 2014
Autonomy, trust, and risk taking are among the skills needed

Are Women Engineers Really in Demand?

20 May 2014
Study finds hiring managers are less likely to employ women in science fields

Gaming in the Workplace

7 May 2014
How mixing work and play can motivate employees

Space Tourism To Launch in 2015

1 May 2014
Hundreds buy tickets for flights from Virgin Galactic

How Has Science Affected Your Life?

22 May 2014
A former boxer, schoolteacher, and astronomer share their stories

Improvements Made to IEEE Fellow Nomination Process

14 May 2014
New online system saves time

In Memoriam: May 2014

28 May 2014
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

Virgin Galactic's Test Flight To Space

2 May 2014
The company is expected to launch its space tourism program in 2015

Changing the World From the Inside Out

21 May 2014
IEEE group inspires communities to work on local needs

Ask The Expert: Smart Cities

23 May 2014
IEEE Fellow answers your questions on building more-intelligent communities

Video: Advancing Photovoltaic Technology

23 May 2014
IEEE experts discuss the future of harnessing solar energy

Settlement Reached in Silicon Valley Hiring Conspiracy Case

6 May 2014
Major technology companies accused of suppressing wages

The National Electric Safety Code Explained

16 May 2014
The standard has saved lives for 100 years

Remembering Rodney F.W. Coates

15 May 2014
He was a professor of acoustical oceanography

A Little Crowdfunding Goes a Long Way

30 May 2014
Two scientists raise money to develop CleverPet, a game console for pets

An Open Invitation to the SmartAmerica Challenge

29 May 2014
The event will showcase how technology can boost the economy and improve lives

Achievements: May 2014

28 May 2014
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

The First Television Video Game Played in 1969

5 May 2014
IEEE Life Fellow Ralph Baer pioneered home video games