Articles for July 2014

The 2014 IEEE Women in Engineering Awards

21 July 2014
Recipients recognized for inspiring members and students

IEEE History Center Relocates to Stevens Institute of Technology

7 July 2014
The new center opens its doors this month in Hoboken, N.J.

How to Land a Job Before It’s Even Advertised

7 July 2014
Six tips on building relationships with hiring managers

In Memoriam: July 2014

28 July 2014
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

IEEE Xplore Adds Bell Labs Technical Journal

14 July 2014
Nearly a century’s worth of information- and communications-technology articles

Timothy Wong: Leading the Future

14 July 2014
Taking IEEE’s Young Professionals group in a new direction

IEEEXtreme Winners: Where Are They Now?

14 July 2014
A number are at start-ups and top tech companies

A History of Trading Speed: Telescopes, Telegraphs, and Fiber Optics

21 July 2014
The financial practice was popularized by advances in communications technology

Learn About Cybersecurity From Its Rock Stars

7 July 2014
Speakers at this IEEE conference are the who’s who in the field

5G Explained

11 July 2014
IEEE Fellow Ted Rappaport discusses the future of wireless

Can Wearable Technology Make People Healthier?

7 July 2014
The market is predicted to explode

Students Members Can Get Grants to Attend IEEE Events

7 July 2014
A number of IEEE groups offer money for travel expenses

Groundbreaking Operating System Is Named an IEEE Milestone

14 July 2014
Gary Kildall’s CP/M paved the way for affordable personal computers

In the Works: Next-Generation Wireless

7 July 2014
5G is expected to be deployed by 2020

Assessing the Impact of Research Articles

2 July 2014
IEEE issues guidelines to improve quality of papers

Virtual Blueprints for Construction Projects

21 July 2014
Augmented reality apps bring architectural and construction concepts to life

Meet the Father of the Cellphone

17 July 2014
IEEE Life Fellow Martin Cooper discusses his invention in this video

Are Mobile Devices Causing More Good Than Harm?

29 July 2014
Experts weigh in on how we live our digital lives

Noncompete Clauses: What You Should Know

8 July 2014
Some believe they slow innovation and prevent job growth

Achievements: July 2014

28 July 2014
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

Mobile Phone Mavericks

7 July 2014
IEEE Fellows helped ring in the age of cellphones

Helping Augmented Reality Reach Its Potential

21 July 2014
Several IEEE activities bring awareness to the technology’s possibilities

Top Five Tech Products at Consumer Electronics Week

15 July 2014
Highlights from New York City's annual event

Investors Pour Billions Into Digital Health Care Start-ups

23 July 2014
These emerging companies are attracting more venture capital than ever before

Who is Liable for Technical Failures During Natural Disasters?

24 July 2014
An in-depth review of the manslaughter sentence of Italian scientists

The Legacy of Gary Kildall: The CP/M IEEE Milestone Dedication

25 July 2014
The operating system was a fundamental building block of the personal computer revolution