Articles for May 2015

Achievements: May 2015

28 May 2015
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

Tips for Acing Video Chat Interviews

5 May 2015
Learn how to impress a hiring manager even if they’re not in the same room

Does Your Group Need Money for a Project?

11 May 2015
The IEEE Foundation provides grants for activities that promote technology’s role in society

IEEE Hosts Its First Virtual Career and Talent Expo

8 May 2015
Employers recruit members online

IEEE Academic Offers Free Online Courses in Local Languages

20 May 2015
The short videos are tailored to engineering students’ needs

The Time Is Ripe for Women Engineers

15 May 2015
The IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference drew record number of attendees and top technology titans

Ask The Experts: Wearables

19 May 2015
Leaders in the field are here to answer your questions

People Prefer Communicating With Robots That Imitate Them

29 May 2015
New research in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library takes lessons from human interactions

Inventor of Stereophonic Sound Honored at Abbey Road Studios

1 May 2015
Alan Blumlein’s contributions are recognized at the iconic studio where the Beatles recorded

Preparing for the Next Generation of Power

7 May 2015
The smart grid and renewable energy are topics for the IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting

IEEE Academic: A Grassroots Projects

25 May 2015
Members behind the online learning program talk about the need for worldwide accessibility to education

In Memoriam: May 2015

26 May 2015
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

In Memoriam: May 2015

26 May 2015
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

Can Our Minds Replace Smartphone Apps?

4 May 2015
Tech enthusiasts predict people will be able to control smart devices with their thoughts

India Needs More Well-Trained Chip Designers

12 May 2015
IEEE’s Blended Learning Program helps increase the supply of skilled engineers

Nitesh Kumar Jangir: Developing Low-cost Medical Devices for India

15 May 2015
His startup could help prevent pneumonia and life-threatening respiratory distress in infants

The IEEE Computer Society Expands its Professional Education Program

13 May 2015
New certificates in Scrum, software security, and cloud computing are among the offerings

Inspiring a New Wave of Engineers with Underwater Robots

8 May 2015
IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society holds competitions for students

Inside IEEE's Blended Learning Program

14 May 2015
Courses help increase the number of skilled chip designers in India

IEEE Honors Two Biomedical Pioneers

21 May 2015
The inventor of the pulse oximeter and a developer of microchips for cochlear implants and other medical devices are being recognized

Ten Ways Women in Technology Can Increase Their Visibility

27 May 2015
Learn what to do to get noticed in your company, industry, and technical community

The Internet Of Things: Navigating Through Uncharted Territory

6 May 2015
Organizations weighed in on several issues

Robotics Engineers Get Back to Nature at the Philadelphia Science Festival

12 May 2015
Fish, hawks, and microorganisms are inspiring a new generation of robots

Robots Could Redefine Hotel Room Service

18 May 2015
Fast and friendly delivery bots can bring items to guests in minutes

IEEE Xplore Marks 15-Year Anniversary

14 May 2015
A look at the digital library through the years

Students Use Texas Instrument’s New Innovation Lab to Dream Up Gadgets

22 May 2015
A wearable device to help the deaf communicate and a 3-D printer that can make circuit boards are just some of the projects being developed