Articles for July 2016

This IEEE Senior Member is Getting to the Root of Zambia’s Energy Shortage

13 July 2016
The Fulbright scholar is living there to study how citizens access and use electricity

3-D Body Scanners in Stores Can Help You Find Apparel in Your True Size

6 July 2016
A new IEEE Standards Association initiative is working on standardizing these machines

IEEE Members Make Headlines: July 2016

28 July 2016
A member shares advice for budding entrepreneurs, and a Fellow receives an award for mentorship

IEEE Cybersecurity Project a Weapon Against Cyberattacks

14 July 2016
Try-CybSI lets practitioners experiment to learn hackers’ methods and devise defense strategies

Software for Industrial Knitting Machines Turns Out Made-to-Order Designer Sweaters and Scarves

1 July 2016
Unmade Studio aims to revolutionize the knitted fabrics industry

Jewelbots Friendship Bracelets Teach Girls to Code

7 July 2016
Programmable jewelry encourages preuniversity students to learn while they socialize

In Memoriam: July 2016

20 July 2016
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

IEEE Milestone Honors the Electrification of New York’s Grand Central Terminal

22 July 2016
The project introduced innovative locomotive designs

These Recruitment Platforms Can Help You Land a Dream Job in Engineering

22 July 2016
Free services match job seekers with fast-growing startups, as well as positions that allow employees to travel or work remotely

IEEE Mourns the Loss of Aerospace Legend Simon Ramo

27 July 2016
The Life Fellow and TRW cofounder helped develop the intercontinental ballistic missile

IEEE Women in Engineering Group’s Electronic Clothing Projects Hit the Runway

8 July 2016
Models wore garments and accessories embedded with accelerometers, gyroscopes, LEDs, and microcontrollers

First Successful Transatlantic Telegraph Cable Celebrates 150th Anniversary

11 July 2016
It enabled nearly instantaneous communication between Europe and North America

Robots Could Fulfill Online Orders in Minutes

13 July 2016
Want lunch from a nearby restaurant or to have a prescription delivered? Starship is on its way

New Cloud Computing Encyclopedia Presents Comprehensive View

12 July 2016
IEEE-Wiley book contains a wealth of reference material and expert input


The “Softwarization” of Telecommunications Systems

20 July 2016
Drivers include 5G technology and open-source software

Texas High School Student Designs Self-Cooling Solar Cell

5 July 2016
She received the IEEE Presidents’ Scholarship for a cell that regulates its own temperature

IEEE Medal Recipients Paved the Way for MEMS and 3G Wireless

4 July 2016
Their work impacted a number of areas, including health care and wireless Internet

How LEDs Are Changing the Retail World

21 July 2016
The technology is influencing purchasing decisions

Brexit in Perspective: How It Is Likely to Impact R&D

15 July 2016
The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is sure to influence innovation

Plotting the Course for Semiconductor Development

19 July 2016
IEEE to provide direction for the industry's devices and systems

ModiFace Is Transforming the Beauty Industry With Augmented Reality

25 July 2016
Startup’s platform lets customers try out different looks virtually

How to Create a Vision for You and Your Business

29 July 2016
Getting your team to focus on a central goal is key to navigating challenges that plague startups