Automatic Renewal Now Available for IEEE Membership

New option ensures you won’t miss your benefits

5 April 2013

You may now sign up for automatic renewal of your IEEE membership. The option, available for the 2014 membership year, includes automatic renewal of your society memberships and subscriptions to products and services.

If you sign up for it, benefits such as IEEE Spectrum and The Institute, any subscription to the IEEE Xplore digital library, access to the e-mail alias, life insurance coverage, and other member services won’t be interrupted.

To enroll in the program, visit the Payment Options section of My Account. Then simply sign in to your IEEE account and click on Edit in the Automatic Renewal Preference section at the bottom of the page.

If you choose to renew your membership automatically, a reminder that you’ve done so will be e-mailed in September, and the primary credit card on file will be charged in October. Members may have more than one card on file, but only the primary will be used.

Student and graduate student members are not eligible, and automatic renewal is not available for discounted memberships based on special circumstances such as low income, unemployment, and permanent disability.

For more information, visit the IEEE Support Center.

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