IEEE Establishes Social Media Policy

The policy covers best practices and more

6 December 2011

The Board of Directors has approved the IEEE Social Media Policy, which covers the use of social media on behalf of or associated with IEEE. It defines social media as “any websites, portals, or other digital-based applications that allow individuals to post and share content publicly and which allow other individuals to view, respond to, and share this content further.” The policy, which was approved at the board’s August meeting, is aimed at IEEE members, volunteers, employees, vendors, consultants, and contract workers. IEEE’s social media best practices include:

  • When someone mentions IEEE in a recommendation, referral, or opinion, it must be noted that he or she does not represent or reflect the views of IEEE.
  • Individuals should never impersonate someone else, or intentionally obscure their identities or associations with IEEE.
  • When quoting someone, citations traceable to that person should be provided.
  • If images are used, they must not violate copyright laws or trademark rights.

Other best practices involve responding to comments in a timely and professional manner and correcting inaccurate information. 

The policy includes guidelines for IEEE site operators and administrators, including how to register their site so they will be added to a list of registered IEEE social media pages. Read the full policy here.

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