Comment FAQ

12 July 2011

Why can't I login to the comments using my IEEE account?

Integrating with the IEEE authentication system is a bit tricky. We're still working on it.

What if I don't have a Google/Yahoo/Twitter account?

If you use common web services, you probably already have an openID. To retrieve it or get a new one, visit

How are comments moderated?

All comments from new users are hidden until they are moderated. We moderate comments throughout the day, and comments are usually approved the same day they are posted. A user is considered "new" until they've had at least 5 comments approved and more than 12 hours have passed since the first post.

After that, you become a trusted user, and your comments will appear immediately (but they will still be subject to moderation and removal according to our commenting policy).

Can I use HTML in my comments?

Yes, you can use the following tags:
<a>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <em>, <strong>, <sup>, <sub>, <br>,
<pre>, <p>, <span>, <object>, <embed>, <param>

or use the rich text editor.

Is there a limit to comment length?

Yes, comments are limited to 3000 characters.