Special Report: Big Data

Connecting the dots to provide insight into the world we live in

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Big data is a term with no set definition, mainly because the meaning of “big” changes with the advance of technology. Because more devices are becoming part of our everyday lives, there are more bits of data than ever before.

A decade ago, big data was measured in terabytes (or 1,000 to the fourth power in the International System of Units), and today the measure has reached petabytes, or 1,000 times that size. Soon, big data will likely mean exabytes—or 1 million terabytes. All of the facts, figures, files, and records making up this data will be up for analysis, with the hope that the results will provide insight into the world we live in and will help to improve it.

IEEE is a major player in this arena. The IEEE Big Data Initiative, launched in June under the Future Directions Committee— the organization’s R&D arm—is working not only to advance technologies that support and make sense of the growing mountains of data, but also to ensure that the information remains secure.


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