Special Report: Green ICT

18 March 2016

The greenhouse-gas emissions produced globally by information and communication technology (ICT) are about the same as that of the global aviation industry: more than 2 percent of the worldwide total and rising. That’s not nearly as high as the largest worldwide emitter: the production of electricity. But ICT is contributing to a surge in demand for electricity, with network traffic doubling every year and billions of devices expected to be added to the Internet by 2020.

One group that’s doing something to reduce the ICT sector’s carbon footprint is the IEEE Green ICT Initiative. Green ICT refers to the design and application of information and communication technology to offer environmental benefits. In this issue, we describe the initiative’s efforts in raising awareness of how to design more energy-efficient technologies. There’s also a profile of IEEE Senior Member Jaafar Elmirghani, co-chair of the initiative. And we’ve rounded up some of the resources, standards, and conferences that IEEE offers.

Feature Articles


A New IEEE Initiative is Working to Make ICT Greener

Members are working to design more energy-efficient information and communication technology


GreenTouch Consortium Develops a Tool Kit for Building Energy-Efficient Networks

Information and communication technology experts deliver architectures that support larger traffic volumes without compromising performance


How One Entrepreneur Founded Two Multimillion-Dollar Telecom Ventures

IEEE Member Eileen Healy filled gaps in the mobile phone market


Standards for Greener Information and Communication Technology

These five sets can help improve the environment


Six Upcoming Conferences Focus on Sustainable Systems

IEEE events cover intrapreneurship, crowdfunding, and product development


This Senior Member is Leading Efforts to Build a More Eco-friendly Telecom Industry

Jaafar Elmirghani is working to reduce energy consumption worldwide


IEEE Provides Resources for Green Information and Communication Technology

Technical community, publications, and tutorials are among the offerings



Can Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos Slow Climate Change?

Some homeowners are overwhelmed by their new systems



Ask The Experts: Green Information and Communication Technology

Submit your questions on how to make devices more eco-friendly


Your Questions Answered About Green Information and Communication Technology

What you want to know about making devices more eco-friendly